North Dakota Woman’s Early ‘Help Me’ Halloween Decorations Are So Scary That Neighbours Called the Police
‘Help Me’ Halloween Decorations Are So Scary That Neighbours Called the Police (Photo Credits: Becky Muhs/ Facebook)

It is almost that time again, for many countries to don the costumes, light the bonfires, carve the pumpkins and put in those special coloured contact lenses for Halloween. Witchy wonders, magical monsters and gaggles of ghosts come around this season. Everyone who marks the event loves this bewitching time of the year and looks for some spooky decorations and home accents so that friends and neighbours jump off in scare. In the similar tone, a North Dakota woman’s early decorations convinced her neighbours that she lives in a haunted house in no time. ‘Help Me’ are scrawled into what appears to be blood from inside the window along with bloody handprints scared her next doors so much that they immediately called the police. Halloween 2018 Costumes: This Dress on Ghosting is a Hit on Social Media!

The United States is still a month away from October 31, but this Halloween fanatics killer decorations frightened this woman’s neighbours with her realistic arrangements. The sign reading ‘Help Me’ is part of North Dakota resident Becky Muhs’ display for her favourite holiday. According to WDAY-TV, Muhs and her husband were not at home at the time their neighbour began to panic, prompting them to call the police. They were getting messages over the weekend asking if they were fine. The same report also stated that October 31 is the couple’s wedding anniversary, “Halloween is kind of a good day for us,” she was quoted as saying. ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Halloween Costume Causes Outrage on Social Media, Website Removes it From Their Site. 

The man who called the police Jay Thomas said, “I look across the street and I see in my neighbor's window, the sign that says help me. That window has always had the curtains drawn. So I’m like, ‘what’s going on in here?’” He saw a cop car parked down the street before calling the police. The officer who showed up told the couple this happens all the time and did not ask them to put down the ‘Help Me’ sign. Thankfully, it was just a Halloween decoration, and Muhs told that the incident ended in a laugh.