Octopus Snaps on to Woman's Face, Bites Her During a Photo Shoot in Washington (Watch Video)
Octopus bites Washington woman (Photo Credits: News 4 Tucson KVOA-TV YouTube)

A woman was bitten by an octopus while trying to click a picture with it on her face in Tacoma Narrows, Washington. Jamie Bisceglia thought she would have a great photo to show off, but it resulted in something worrying. She was posing with the octopus on her face when it grabbed her with its suckers. The cephalopod then proceeded to bite her face shocking her. The octopus that was caught during a fishing competition at the bay. Chinese Vlogger, Sun Dies During Live-Stream Eating Centipedes, Lizards and Other Poisonous Insects (Watch Video)

KIRO quoted Jamie as saying, "It was a photo contest in the derby. So, crazy me, hindsight now and looking back, I probably made a big mistake. It had barreled its beak into my chin and then let go a little bit and did it again. It was a really intense pain when it went inside and it just bled, dripping blood for a long time." Is Octopus An Alien Creature? Know The Truth About The Most Weird Species on the Planet.

Jamie said that the water animal was a small Pacific octopus, however, a spokeswoman at the Point Defiance Aquarium said that it could be a Pacific red octopus. Following the incident, Jamie has pledged to never pose for pictures with water animal. She said, "And I'm still in pain. I'm on three different antibiotics. This can come and go, the swelling, for months they say. This was not a good idea. I will never do it again."

Here is the Video of The Incident:

However, she did not seek medical help immediately as she kept fishing for two more days. Jamie was taken to an emergency room after that. Following her recovery, she said that she learnt much about handling live octopus following the experience. Earlier this year, a Chinese blogger was bitten by an octopus while she tried to eat it live. She was left in terrible pain following the incident. Video of her screaming in pain had gone viral on social media.