Chinese Vlogger, Sun Dies During Live-Stream Eating Centipedes, Lizards and Other Poisonous Insects (Watch Video)
Vlogger dies after live-streaming himself eating insects (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Social media has completely changed our lives, right from giving us a voice of our own, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok Twitter and YouTube has provided a medium of earning a living as well. You can actually earn from YouTube if you make interesting videos and post them online, however, some people just go off-limits to get on the trending page of the video-sharing app. Recently, a Chinese man who was trying to live-stream himself eating centipedes and geckos died on camera. The 35-year-old man was found dead in his flat after filming himself "eating poisonous insects as part of a game." The vlogger, Sun's girlfriend found him unconscious in his bedroom in Hefei, Aunhui province, China, on Saturday. This came after he had earlier live-streamed himself eating centipedes, mealworms and geckos, while drinking alcohol as per reports by Metro. Reportedly, the Police found his computer was still streaming live, with the insects found on his desk. Revenge Served Cold! Chinese Blogger Attacked, Face Disfigured By Octopus While She Tried to Eat it Alive (Watch Viral Video.)

Vlogger dies live-streaming himself eating poisonous centipedes and lizards[Watch video]:

Sun had recently launched the new spinning wheel game where he would either eat an insect or drink liquor depending on where the spinning wheel landed. However, police haven't specifically said what caused the death but foul play has been ruled out. This is not the first time vloggers have risked their lives in attempt of making videos go viral. Earlier this year, a Chinese vlogger's attempt at eating a live octopus on camera failed miserably when the octopus attacked her back. She was left screaming in pain as she tried to get rid of the octopus and its tentacles from her face.