A few of us will remember the golden days of our lives, when mothers fed us with all the love and care. A lot of parents would be passing this care to their newly-born children. A video of an orphan chimpanzee feeding on milk from a bottle at a sanctuary has been shared online and it is taking back people in their childhood. The little primate gets 'milk drunk' and it is just too adorable. Even if you have seen little children, or your niece/nephews being fed, you would find it so similar to the little baby in the video being shared online. The video of the chimp baby, almost falling sleepy while drinking milk is melting hearts on Twitter. Karma Strikes! Man Makes Fun of Monkey's Penis, The Chimp Pees on Him Through The Car Window (Watch Hilarious Video).

The video clip is from Uganda's Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It shows a woman feeding a baby chimpanzee milk from a bottle. While the primate is having it, he pushes the bottle away before he is made to drink it again, typically, like every kid. While he continues to drink from the bottle, his eyes get droopy like he is about to fall asleep. The video was shared with a perfect caption, "Parents, does this look familiar?" Baby Chimpanzee Hides Under Blanket After Seeing Her Mum Getting Killed by Poachers; Watch Heart-Breaking Video.

Check The Video Here:

The video has over 47,000 views and people cannot get over its cuteness. Some are reminded of their own kids even. Check reactions:

Reminding Some of Their Own Babies

The Milk Drunks

An Angel

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There are so many videos online which show the human-like behaviour of these primates and this is one more addition to them. Were you also reminded of any little baby in the family? Then do share this cute video with them and spread the joy.

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