Paul Rudd has officially been tagged as the 'Certified Young Person' and it's by New York governor Andrew Cuomo as the Ant-Man star features in an all-new PSA shared by the American politician. We bet everyone quite agrees with it given his anti-ageing looks. Recently, Paul Rudd featured in a hilarious PSA to urge people,  mainly young Americans to wear masks in America and well, it has now become a rage of sorts. Rudd cosplayed as a 'young person' and his millennial lingo in the video has been driving netizens crazy. Dressed in a yellow sweatshirt with headphones around his neck and cap, Rudd mouths words like, "So fam, let’s real talk: Masks, they're totally beast.”Ant-Man 3 Casts Lovecraft Country Actor Jonathan Majors in a Lead Role.

The video begins with Rudd introducing himself as “actor and certified young person”. The video aims at using millennial slang and urging young people in America to wear masks. In the PSA, we see Rudd dropping phrases like "fam, let's real talk" “You're so my bae" and at one point even has him calling Billie Eilish who reveals that she's definitely wearing a mask. The actor's PSA has been going viral and netizens truly can't get over the talent that Rudd is. Here's a look at what netizens had to say. Paul Rudd: I Have Always Enjoyed Humour to Tell a Very Dramatic Story.

Watch the Full PSA Here:

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Paul Rudd is National Treasure:

Well, if the number of COVID-19 deaths and every other WHO guideline hasn't scared you and made you cautious about the virus, looks like Paul Rudd's 'certified young person' is the only one who can convince you to wear a mask. Truly, hats off to Paul Rudd for urging people to wear masks in such a fun way!

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