Wildlife photography is no easy job. It takes months and years of long experience, and patience to capture the perfect shot of the wildlife that redefine of what we actually think of the animals. Over the years, there have been many photos of animals, birds and other creatures that were captured candidly by photographers for the wildlife enthusiasts. While most of the photographers are significantly appreciated, this particular photo of an underwater Eurasian beaver that took the photographer painstakingly four years to get the perfect shot did not really impress the internet. Photographer Louis-Marie Preau who reportedly waited for four years in a river to capture the perfect shot of the beaver has left the internet unimpressed as they troll the viral photo instead. Viral Pics of Rare Black Panther ‘Saya’ Photographer Shaaz Jung Reveals It Took Him 5 Years to Track the Beautiful Animal; Here’s a Look at Photos From Kabini Forest. 

Beavers play an important role in the river ecosystem. Eurasian beavers were nearly hunted to extinction by the middle of the 19th century. In France, the species was completely extinguished, until conservation efforts brought them back. Environmental news website, Treehugger shared the photo of the underwater beavers and explained how it took the photographer four years to capture the shot. “Every night, wearing snorkelling gear and weights, he would lie still as a log on the riverbed for hours,” noted the report. Finally, it paid off as Preau could capture the beaver in its most candid version. 2020 BigPicture Photography Competition Winners Announced: Check Award Winning Photos Showcasing the Best of Wildlife and Nature. 

Here's the Pic of Underwater Eurasian Beaver

So, when Treehugger shared the photo of the beaver accompanies the story, it quickly went viral. But unfortunately, he did exactly get the reception he was probably hoping for as Twitter jokesters ran wild with his beaver photo trolling the pic instead.

Netizens Are Unimpressed!

They Began to Troll the Pic

Some Thought It's Animated

Some Mocked the Amount of Time He Took to Capture the Beaver

A Waste of Time?

However, Some Came in Support of the Photographer

What do you think about Preau’s work? It may seem funny to the internet, but knowing what the photographer went through to get the perfect shot, it once again proved how much effort wildlife enthusiasts put in to capture the perfect glimpse of the wild.

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