The situation in many parts of the world still continues to remain grim because of the pandemic. But amid all those updates, a couple's engagement proposal will make you feel all happy, especially if you believed in fairy tales. Remember the Sleeping Beauty proposal that melted hearts of people online months ago? Now, the popular Princess and the Frog story was adapted by a man named Blaze Montgomery to propose his lady love Denise Amouzougan. He planned a surprise for her along with her family members and a birthday party turned into a real-life fairy tale for Denise. Pictures and videos from this lovely proposal have been shared on social media and people are loving it. The pictures are making some teary-eyed with joy in these tough times. World's Most Unique Wedding Proposal? Japanese Man Travels 6 Months to Spell 'Marry Me' on Google Earth, Watch Viral Video.

Denise working at a party company loved dressing up as fairy princesses.  Her boyfriend Blaze decided to turn up as Prince Charming for her for their dreamy proposal. He got along with Denise's parents and planned a surprise proposal. Denise was invited to a little girl's birthday party and she dressed up a Tiana, wearing a lovely gown and a tiara, ready to spread joy at the event. She was asked to read them the story of 'The Princess and The Frog'. As she began reading, there was a note that read, "Every princess needs a prince - will you be mine forever?" When Denise turned around she saw her boyfriend Blaze standing behind dressed perfectly as Prince Charming. He then got down on a knee and proposed to her. With such a lovely tale coming true, Denise said a "yes." Their family members then arrived and congratulated them. All of these magical moments were captured on camera and have been shared online. ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Chest Tattoo Impresses Netizens As UK Man’s Unique Proposal to Girlfriend Goes Viral (View Pic).

Check the Fairy Tale Proposal Here:

Isn't it beautiful? Even the way her best friend has narrated the tale through the caption on the photos. People have loved it and calling it the sweetest thing ever. "This made my heart so warm and fuzzy," wrote one user. Another commented, "This is the cutest thing!" Many people have left hearts and blessings for the couple. This sure comes as a heartwarming post and a reiteration that "Fairy tales do come true" at least for some.

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