Rakhi Sawant Wants to Donate Her Breasts! Ex-Big Boss Contestant Takes Part in Social Cause Via Viral Video
Rakhi Sawant Wants to Donate Her Breasts (Photo Credits: rakhisawant2511/ Instagram)

One of the most controversial characters and Bollywood item’s girl, Rakhi Sawant is back. The ex-Bigg Boss contestant who is infamous for her antics and bizarre remarks has grabbed the eyeballs once again on her new Instagram posts. Well, the sassy woman now wants to donate her breasts for a social cause. In the video, which had since gone viral, Rakhi can be heard telling everyone about the importance of doing good to people and how even she wants to become a part of social causes. Inspired by many people, she decided to give away her b**bs, because she feels that is all she has, to donate! Did Rakhi Sawant Just Say Salman Khan May Steal Jasleen Matharu Away From Anup Jalota?

“I don’t have anything else to donate other than my b**bs. So, I want to donate my b**bs. I don’t know who would want to have these. So, let’s see who gets these,” says Rakhi. And like every time, witnessing how nasty social media is at times, trolls passed lewd comments, and some even ended up objectifying her. Not Threesome, Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan up for Fivesome Fantasy! 

Watch video of Rakhi Sawant who wants to donate her breasts! 


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Now, even if you are ROFLing over Rakhi’s video, it is a known fact that breast tissues can be donated and are used mostly in treatment for breast cancer. In a TOI report, Rakhi was quoted as saying, “You probably don't know, but women who suffer from breast cancer, their organs are surgically removed. So I thought, why not? Why should I not donate my breasts! And now that 'Hindustani ladki' (Indian girl) Rakhi Sawant, has said this, I don't think there should be a huge commotion about this.” According to medical experts, one tissue donor can help up to ten breast reconstruction patients. The video might seem strange, but it is a generous and brave step that Rakhi has taken.