2020 has turned out to be a disappointment for most people. It turned out nothing to be like what everyone planned, the year simply took away a lot of things that people held close to their hearts. From COVID-19, earthquakes, locust attacks, the end of the decade has been tough on us. And to add to all the news, doomsday theories are going viral as if it were a housefly.  People have various reasons to believe the Earth will soon evaporate away on June 21, others think these terrible things are the beginning of the end of the world, all leading up to doomsday. All said and done, life must go on and we have to be our own motivational speakers. Think positive and your actions shall speak it for yourselves and others. Don't let a slight moment of despair take away your courage or question your abilities. Here, we bring to you a set of beautiful thoughts that will help you beat 'End of the World' news blues and look toward a better future. Never Give Up! Positive Thoughts and Quotes to Overcome Depression and Remember That Life is Beautiful!

When things are going haywire, it is easy to blame the situation and sit down and whine over it, but what takes effort is to get through it. Think about energy inside of you which can be transferred into something beautiful at the end of this tiring journey. Think of the sea of opportunities that have the potential to come you may, imagine about the number of lives you can impact and about all the goodness in your which can birth positive energy. The times may look tough, but don't be tough on yourselves, you shall emerge victorious, soon! Positive Quotes on Happiness With HD Images & Good Morning Messages to Send Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

Inspirational Message on Dreams (Photo Credits: File Image)

Quote Reads: “When You Have a Dream, You Have Got to Grab It and Never Let Go.” ― Carol Burnett

Motivational Thoughts (Photo Credits: File Image)

Quote Reads: “Instead of Worrying About What You Cannot Control, Shift Your Energy to What You Can Create.” ― Roy T. Bennett, the Light in the Heart

Motivational Quotes (Photo Credits: File Image)

Quote Reads: “I Can’t Change the Direction of the Wind, but I Can Adjust My Sails To Always Reach My Destination.”  ― Jimmy Dean

Positive Quotes to share as Doomsday theories spread (Photo Credits: File Image)

Quote Reads: “No matter what you are going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.” — Demi Lovato

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Quote Reads: “Positive Thinking Is More Than Just a Tagline. It Changes the Way We Behave. And I Firmly Believe That When I Am Positive, It Not Only Makes Me Better, but It Also Makes Those Around Me Better.” — Harvey Mackay

We hope these beautiful words of encouragement stir up your spirits for a better future. These motivational sayings have an amazing ability to change the way we feel about life. Light up the fire in you and aim for new goals in this season.

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