Spain: Bull Breaks Both Legs After Leaping From Ramp Placed too High; Heart Breaking Video Goes Viral
The bull that broke its legs in Spain | (Photo Credits: Twitter/Screenshot)

A video doing rounds on social media shows a bull in Spain breaking both his legs after the ramp was placed too high for the bull to be able to get down on its feet safely.

The heartbreaking video shows the bull inside a vehicle with a ramp too high. Before getting down, the bull hesitates for a few seconds before leaping to climb down. Bull Fighting 'Maghesakranti' Festival Similar to Jallikattu Begins in Nepal.

Watch the heartbreaking video below

Just as the bull makes a landing on the ramp, it skid and falls on the ground with great force breaking both its back leg and wringing in pain.

The bull then tries its best to move forward on the broken limbs and painfully drags itself ahead. Users on social media platform have been speaking against the cruelty meted out to the bull. An animal rights group have been running a petition demanding proper protection laws for the animals and bulls participating in Spain's bullfighting festival.