‘Spell Coconut’ Sex Tip for Woman-on-Top Position Goes Viral, Twitter ‘Cums’ Up With Memes
‘Spell Coconut’ Sex Tip goes viral (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A sex-tip is going viral on the internet and has also become a funny meme in no time. So apparently, the viral sex tip recommends that you spell "coconut" with your waist while you're riding your man for the perfect orgasm! You read that right!  And we know you're already mid-way grinding your hips in the air to spell coconut because, SAME! The searches for "spell coconut" have skyrocketed in the past two days and everyone wants to know if it is for real. However, the good people of Twitterverse took it upon themselves to churn humour out of this as well, yes the sext tip is now a meme! According to Know Your Meme, the sex tip can be attributed to a Facebook group for Kenyan women called Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone KMUZ. Backbenchers Funny Memes Take Over The Internet, Hilarious Jokes and Tweets on Last Benchers Will Take You Back to Your Fondest Memories.

So while you are all excited to try this little move that sounds beyond interesting, check out some of the funniest coconut sex tip memes:



Can't breathe

I'm dyinggg

LOL. Who did this?

Safe driving is important!

LOL, same

Goddamit, internet

Stay in school, kids

Aren't these hilarious? Well, now that Twitter has gone all orgasmic with memes now, it is left to see how well this sex trick works for real.