Backbenchers Funny Memes Take Over The Internet, Hilarious Jokes and Tweets on Last Benchers Will Take You Back to Your Fondest Memories
Backbencher memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Have you been a backbencher or a frontbencher in your academic life? If the former then you would definitely have so many amazing memories to reminisce over. Not that the frontbenchers have had less, but the backbenchers hold a notorious repute altogether. While the nerds and studious ones occupied the front benches and also the class teacher's attention, the backbenchers are the mischievous lot. And all these memories are being relived today with the new trend of backbencher memes. Doing the stark opposite of what is being instructed, these memes highlight how much fun the ones at the back of the class had or rather have. Mature Bag Memes Take Over The Internet After Funny Video of 'How to Look Attractive' Goes Viral, Check Jokes and Tweets.

Be it uniform codes or eating in class, the backbencher memes are targeting the very basic of things which we all must have seen in class if not been a part of it. These funny jokes and memes shared online are so relatable that they will definitely take you back to your academic days. While the toppers and studious also have had their share of funny jokes and memes, now the backbenchers are in the spotlight on the internet.

Check Some Funny Backbencher Memes: 

Sit Straight, What's That?


No phones please

The backbencher band

No show of hands

Not me

Oh the fun in Labs!

Can you hear the laugh?

We are sure you could relate to at least some of them if not all. Every day there are more and more such funny jokes and memes that are made on the backbenchers. Does it not take you back to your fondest memories?