Squirrel Balancing on Two Sunflowers Reminds Netizens of Ajay Devgn's Bike Stunt From 1991 Movie Phool Aur Kaante; Check Out the Picture and Funny GIF
Squirrel balancing on sunflowers (Photo Credits: @41Strange Twitter, Photographer- Geert Weggen)

Watching squirrels scurrying up and down trees is a great stress buster. They are immersed in their own world and hardly bother about anything. For those who have grown up seeing these little beings, it's the best pass time. Also, squirrels are one of the best subjects for wildlife photography. And the picture of a red squirrel clicked by Dutch/Swedish international awarded photographer Geert Weggen has garnered the attention on social media users. In the photo, a squirrel can be seen balancing on two sunflowers while holding something (what looks like a nut) in the hand. And Twitter can't stop comparing it with Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn's similar leg split stunt on moving bikes in the 1991 movie Phool Aur Kaante. Flower or Bird? Petals of This Flowering Plant Resembling Hummingbirds is a True Reflection of Nature's Stunning Beauty!

While the picture was clicked sometime back, it ignited creative minds on social media only recently. And as the photo goes viral, Twitter is comparing the photo of the squirrel's balance act to times when actors did the same on moving vehicles. ‘There’s a Rat in the Toilet’: How a Twitter User Made Everyone Realise They Had THIS Primal Fear.

Here is the Photo of Squirrel Which Has Inspired Memes on Twitter:

Seems the Squirrel Was Inspired by Ajay Devgn!

When Geert started clicking pictures of animals in his backyard, he never thought he would end up becoming an expert in squirrel photography. Greet has clicked similar pictures of squirrels balancing between sunflowers while eating nuts. Geert Weggen's works have been published widely in newspapers, books, calendars and magazines. Geert also organises workshops two times a year when baby squirrels arrive.