Student Raps 10,000-Word Dissertation, University of East Anglia Awards Him a First Class!
University of East Anglia Student Nicholas Uzoka (Photo Credits: zoka_the_author/ Instagram)

Writing a dissertation is enjoyable, yet hectic for keeping the deadline in mind. In our universities, we all tend to give our heart and soul to make the thesis paper as creative with all the needed information. However, one English and Creative student from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England has surpassed all the hard work. Instead of a regular submission on paper, the student chose to submit his 10,000-word dissertation in a 21-track album, raping his final coursework. His creativity and hard work did not go waste and the university has awarded the hip-hop lover a first-class honours degree. Stuti Khandwala From Surat Cracks JEE Main 2019, NEET 2019, JIPMER MBBS 2019 and AIIMS MBBS 2019, Will Now Pursue Research From MIT in US. 

Identified as a 22-year-old Nicholas Uzoka, he produced his dissertation in the form of 21-track album that contains nine rap tracks and 10 poetry skits. His songs are under the name “Zoka the Author”. The thesis titled, “The First Stone: An Oratorio” was a study of Nicholas’s relationship with God through the comparison of relationships with women. In a BBC report, Nicholas was quoted as saying, “It was an opportunity to express myself in my favoured form. My future will be about music, music and more music. I want to give it my absolute all over the next couple of years and see how far I can get.”

“I am a rapper, that’s my best form of artistic expression and the uni was kind enough to allow me to accommodate my particular style of poetry, into their course,” (sic) he added in the same report. Nicholas also thanked his supervisor, Dr Sandy Pool for supporting and being enthusiastic towards his creative idea. His songs are available on Spotify and iTunes and listeners can also hear his dissertation, which he wrote, while studying at the University. He plans to completely engage in his music and grow as a successful musician.