The monolith game has caught the interest of a lot of people across globes. And among one of them is Bollywood actor Sunny Leone. While monoliths have decided to appear and disappear every other day, netizens are acquired queen interest in it, also celebrities. Sunny Leone took to social media sharing photo of the place in Utah where the monolith was earlier present and replaced it with one of the cosmetics from her beauty line 'Star Struck by Sunny'. From the video she shared on social media, we are sure, Sunny believes in aliens and maybe also that extraterrestrial forces are behind this monolith travelling across globes.

The video shows the mascara from her brand disappearing from the place in Utah and then someone taking away to the other side of the moon on a bicycle. The cut to the photo of an alien wearing mascara with the product next to it. Do not miss to spot the UFO in the background! Sunny Leone shared it with the caption, ".@StarStruckbySL- Beautifying the worlds!! #SunnyLeone #UtahMonolith #crueltyfreemakeup #cosmetics #lipstick #beauty #makeup."

Aliens Wear Sunny Leone's Monolith 'Mascara', We Have Proof!

Meanwhile, the recent monolith sproutings have inspired many funny memes and hilarious GIFs. Also, brands like Fevicol found it as the right time to install their very own monoliths that can't be moved or shaken. It started after a monolith which was earlier in Utah vanished and one was found in Romania. Then a third one came up in California. And the internet couldn't stop, but come up with various theories behind the 'mysterious happenings.

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