11 Oct, 23:07 (IST)

We tried to keep you updated with all the trends and viral topics of the day. In case you have missed it, here's a video that wraps it up all. Catch up on anything you missed out.Watch Video:

11 Oct, 19:51 (IST)

Noted Saxophone player, Padma Shri Kadri Gopalnath, died in Mangaluru on Friday after a brief illness. Netizens pay tribute.Check Tweet:

11 Oct, 18:58 (IST)

Coming Out Day 2019 is celebrated today. People on Twitter are sharing pictures, videos and viral posts.Check Tweet:

11 Oct, 17:11 (IST)

Kim Jong-dae wins for 'Shall We' at Music Bank and fans have gone crazy on Twitter.Check Tweet:

11 Oct, 15:56 (IST)

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has won the coveted honour of Nobel Peace Prize. A lot of people anticipated for Greta Thunberg but his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea has gave him the top honour. People took to Twitter to congratulate him. Read more here.Check some tweets here:

11 Oct, 13:31 (IST)

Harry Styles has broken the internet with the release of this new song “Lights Up”. Fans were eager for this release and naturally, when the music video dropped, people went crazy! Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

11 Oct, 12:16 (IST)

A funny yet cute video has been shared on Twitter which clearly shows our Friday mood. The video has little boys dancing to some tunes in a car and they are so engrossed that you will get the vibe of the weekend already. Check the tweet here:

11 Oct, 11:08 (IST)

Today marks the celebration of International Day of the Girl Child. It is a day that promotes gender equality and aims at giving more opportunities to girls in various fields. On this day, netizens are sharing quotes, messages and images for the same on Twitter. #InternationalDayoftheGirlChild and #GirlChildDay are among the trends of the day.Check the tweets here:

11 Oct, 10:17 (IST)

Every few days we have cute and interesting Twitter threads coming up online. One of the cutest trends is going viral which has people sharing pictures of their pets with their stuffed toys. So if you love watching cute animal pictures, then you cannot miss this one.Check out some tweets:

11 Oct, 09:25 (IST)

Harry Styles has launched a brand new website to mark World Mental Health Day which generates positive and encouraging messages to his fans. The singer will also be releasing his new album of Lights Up today and his fans have made it a worldwide trend. Eagerness and happiness is seen all over and people are really happy with his initiative.
Check some tweets here:

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Hello Friday! The happiest day of the week is here. Friday can cheer anybody up. Don't believe us? Tell your co-workers, right away that it is Friday and see their faces lit up. Except for people who also work or have classes over the weekend, the day brings, happiness and joy to everyone. And happiness is clearly expressed on social media as well. The weekly Friday updates are there on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Since it is almost about the weekend, people are sharing their plans online with fun pics and videos. Posts under the #FridayThoughts, #FridayThrowback, #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation and #FriYAY is trending on Twitter. People are all about positivity and motivational quotes under these hashtags.

Apart from that, it is International Day of the Girl Child today. The day is observed on October 11 to highlight and address the challenges faced by females and promotes girls' empowerment while highlights the need for better opportunities. Inspiring posts, pictures, videos and motivating quotes under #InternationalDayoftheGirlChild are all over the internet.

It is also World Obesity Day today. The day creates awareness about obesity that is becoming the largest killer in society. People are sharing thoughts and informative posts to mark the day. Another major event today is the National Coming Out Day that will be observed in the US but celebrated all around the world. People who wish to can come out on this day about their sexuality. Many people are taking the help of social media to come out and express their views on this day.

The day has just begun and as it proceeds we will bring to you anything that lands on the trending page across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit. Any viral post or video will be updated on this social viral live blog. Right from funny memes to viral videos we will bring to you.