A Georgia-based groomer, Anais Hayden wonderfully transforms pooches into artistic masterpieces. She reportedly uses pet-friendly and nontoxic products and turns dogs into other animals and brightly coloured creations.Watch Viral Video:

From California to Nebraska, five US states are under snow, flood and wind alerts as a strong storm is hitting the West Coast. Heavy snow is falling in the Southern California mountains, which has also covered the state's iconic Joshua trees.Watch Video:

After trading his flip flop phone for an iPhone 8, this adorable grandpa could not wait to dial to his friends, asking to send him their selfies. Why? So that he can see the image pop up on the screen whenever he gets a call. The video is from Columbus, Ohio and his grandson reported that the old man went through all of his contacts and put the same selfie request.Watch Video:

Is it time to move over Baby Yoda already? A Japanese promotional trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehod film just gave fans a glimpse of the beloved character in his younger days. Now Baby Sonic is the new internet sensation.Check Tweets:

Australia skipper Tim Paine came up with the best possible way to sledge the batsman in the middle. Paine summarised that maybe Taylor knows the person who is in charge of dealing with ball-tracking, and was heard saying 'maybe, he knows the bloke'. Read the entire story here.Watch Video:

Amid Australia's massive bushfire, a firefighter and koala can be seen in a viral photo, standing side by side as both helplessly watch the animal’s habitat burning down. Read the entire story here.

A viral video of a California mom who got her wish fulfilled when her military son returned home for Christmas dressed as St. Nick, has taken over the internet. Take a look at the video:

A Twitter user has shared a picture of a pair of earrings and you will have to look twice at it to understand. The earrings look really bizarre and funny at the same time. Check the viral tweet here:

It is the birthday of Bollywood actor Salman Khan and fans of the actor have taken to social media to send them heartfelt birthday wishes. Happy Birthday Salman Khan is among the top trends on Twitter.Check some tweets here:

A video of fish upward migrating against a strong force of the water has been shared online. It is a motivational video which shows how they stay strong to move upwards when the water has been moving in the opposite direction. Watch the video here:

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Yesterday we saw a lot of buzz around the last solar eclipse of the year 2019. An annular solar eclipse took place on December 26 and it saw the Ring of Fire in the sky, with moon's shadow covering the Sun. Currently, the holiday season is on, so the festive spirit is also being celebrated on social media. There are pictures of Christmas celebrations being shared online. Plus with the end of 2019 just three days away, there are a lot of trends and memes looking back at the year and the decade. December 27 marks the birthday of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, so fans of the actor will trend his birthday wishes on social media.

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