Twitter Amazed With a Picture of Cane Toads Riding the Back of a Python Amidst Storm in North Australia, Amphibian Expert Says Toads Were Trying to Mate
10 Cane Toads Riding the Back of a 3.5m Python. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ Andrew Mock)

Amidst the huge storm that recently hit the north of Australia on Sunday, a picture of 10 cane toads riding the back of a 3.5m python is doing the rounds on the internet. A photo shared by Andrew Mock on Twitter how so many cane toads were on the 3.5m long python, and it looked like they were taking a ride on the serpent while a storm hit their surroundings. He described the moment in his Twitter post caption where he wrote: "68mm just fell in the last hour at Kununurra. Flushed all the cane toads out of my brothers dam. Some of them took the easy way out - hitching a ride on the back of a 3.5m python." Shocking Video of Giant Python Eating an Indonesian Woman Will Freak You Out: Disturbing Images of Human Body Found in Big Snake’s Belly. 

Take a look at the picture of 10 cane toads riding the back of a 3.5m python.

However, the post garnered a lot of reactions from the Twitter users, here are some of them.

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However, one of the reactions that caught a lot of attention and also put forth some clarity on the matter was of Amphibian expert Jodi Rowley who pointed out on Twitter that the male cane toads were trying to mate with the python. Take a look at the tweet.

She further explained: "Male Cane Toads often get a bit carried away. This AMAZING video reminds me of the time I found a Cane Toad trying to mate with a rotting mango in North Queensland!"

Her explanation to the tweet gave a very different explanation to the whole scenario and helped us understand what actually was happening. However, for the rest of the world, this indeed was a strange sight.