US President Donald Trump Turns Peshwa Bajirao and Dances to Ranveer Singh's Malhari Song and Netizens Can't Get Enough of This Viral Meme
US President Donald Trump dancing as Ranveer Singh (Photo Credits: Mad Liberals/YouTube)

There is never a dull moment on social media and as long as meme creators keep their work, we will never fall short of having some funny moments scrolling through platforms. Remember back in February someone posted a hilarious video of US President Donald Trump dancing to Ranveer Singh's popular track from Bajirao Mastani, "Malhari" by morphing the actor's face with the President, well that video is going viral once again thanks to the social media director in the office of US President Donald Trump, Dan Scavino. Donald Trump Performs Malhari! US President Replaces Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani Song in This Viral Meme (Watch Video).

Scavino posted the video which features President Trump's face digitally imposed on Ranveer Singh's face. Sharing the hilarious video, he wrote, "By no means do I intend to drive the haters crazy today — but after such an awesome week, let’s wrap it up with another great day! #KAG2020.”

The video has now received a new life it seems as social media users cannot get enough of it. Scroll further down on Scavino's tweet and you will find hilarious reactions from netizens who are watching the video on loop thanks to its comic element. A user even commented saying, "Whoever made this is a genius." Here are some other reactions to the video.




This video first went viral when it was shared by a user named mad-liberals. The caption of the video read, "Peshwa Warrior Trump #DonaldTrump #MAGA."The original tweet currently has 15.7K Retweets and 31K Likes.