Imagination is such an interesting concept, wherein a mind makes situations, forms imagery or concepts, fuels a creative vision of what something/someone would look like. But the power of visualisation differs so much among us humans, was brought to notice by a tweet on how one visualises an apple! A tweet of an illustration which shows the different ways one might imagine an apple with their eyes closed has opened up a wide conversation among Twitterati about how imagination on the whole works! With over 10,000 replies on how one visualises an apple in their mind, the tweet has sparked an interesting discussion on how different people see (visualise) differently of a very common object. Girl's Terrifying Description of Her Imaginary Friend (Ghost?) Makes Other Share The Creepiest Things Kids Say.

Twitter user Mary who goes by the handle @premium__heart posted an illustration with 5 options each showing head with apple imagery. The first one is a bright red apple with a leaf, following three images have the colour fading, and the last one is a blank head, with no imagery. She tweeted that "I'm a 5". Gradually users started commenting on their imagination and some people confused about how others can see images in their head. The tweet has got over 8,000 retweets and close to 48,000 likes.

Check The Viral Tweet on Apple Visualisation:

Someone Sees a Green Apple

How Do You Do That?

Someone Can See The Whole Illustration

How Do People See Things?

This One Saw a Clear Apple!

Someone Saw the Word

Mary cleared in her following tweets that an inability to see/visualise images is called Aphantasia. By definition, it is a condition where one does not possess a functioning mind's eye and cannot voluntarily visualize imagery. Now that we know this, can you visualise images in your mind? Do try this out with your friends and family.

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