Girl's Terrifying Description of Her Imaginary Friend (Ghost?) Makes Other Share The Creepiest Things Kids Say
Kids can say some creepiest things (Photo credits: Prawny/Pixabay)

Kids have a different imaginary world altogether. And while most of us laugh it off, some of them can be downright creepy. The creepiest accounts of children are currently making it on social media and let us tell you they are scary and we might have to think what are these kids exposed to. A lot of kids have imaginary friends, some within their toys or dolls or some just in the imagination. American actress Natalie Morales tweeted a picture of a magazine report in which kids were asked to draw and describe their make-believe pals. A three-year old's answer to it was pretty chilling. It was rather ghostly experience!

The kids described his imaginary mum like a supernatural avatar. “This is my imaginary mum Grateful,” the toddler wrote. “Her yellow eyelashes mean she can see in the dark - she only comes to see me at night-time. It scares me sometimes but I always want her to come back. She has two babies in her belly. She’s 14 but can never have a birthday.” While tweeting the picture the actress made a statement saying, “Ruby, you have a ghost. This is straight up terrifying." The post did find supporters agreeing that the imaginary friend was sure creepy!

Take a look at Natalie Morales's tweet about the girl's imaginary friend: 

This tweet has got over 14,000 retweets and close to 60,000 likes on the social media platform. Users began commenting as to how scary this imaginary friend was. And soon people also started posting about what were some of the creepiest things they heard about from the kids.

Check out some of the creepiest things said by the kids:

Someone is stealing this child

Sleepwalking kids are just as terrifying

Tall guy with a black coat residing in the house

Seeing the dead, are you, child?

Imaginary friends may not like you at all!

A killer friend?

While some of these accounts really gave the chill, others had their own take on Ruby's friend. The thread had people even discussing some of their favourite horror scenes. Did you have any imaginary friend you recall? Do let us know your experiences.