Creating environmental-friendly products is utmost important today. The more the products are eco-friendly, the better. In India, the northeastern states are quite famous in making several things out of bamboo. The arts and crafts in the states are unique and have a traditional significance, upholding many tribes in the northeastern region. So, when IFS officer, Parveen Kaswan shared pictures of water bottles made out of bamboo, netizens were mind blown with the idea. The beautiful design and finishing added bonus, praising the artisanal skills. Again, recently, another video is making rounds on the internet, shared by another IFS officer, Sudha Ramen that shows a lunchbox made out of bamboo. The water bottles were made in Tripura, and the lunchbox was made by a company in Manipur. They are surely great examples of eco-friendly endeavours. If you did not come across the beautiful creations yet, in this article, we bring you the pictures and video, along with a little more detail of the amazing work. From Jute to Paper, 5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Plastic Bags to Adopt For a Greener Planet. 

On June 26, IFS officer, Parveen Kaswan shared a picture of water bottles made locally by artisans from Tripura. It quickly went viral. He added the details of Tripura Forest Corporation for anyone who was interested in buying, and some more pictures of various design of the water bottles in his Twitter thread. The creations even impressed Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon, who wrote, “Just ordering mine! Have you?” The unique innovation quickly started grabbing eyeballs on social media. From Reusable Cotton Pads to Menstrual Cups, Eco-Friendly Ways to Follow During Menstruation That Are Better For You And the Planet!

Here's Pic of Water Bottle Made of Bamboo

More Pics:

On July 6, IFS officer Sudha Ramen shared a video of a bamboo tiffin carrier. It was made by Zogam Bamboo at Churachandpur, Manipur as an eco-friendly product. “Look at this Bamboo Tiffin carrier made by Zogam Bamboo at Churachandpur, Manipur. Beautiful and innovative design using local resources. Use natural products - they are not just attractive, but also eco-friendly and it also supports many to have a livelihood,” she captioned the video.

Video of Eco-Friendly Lunchbox

It soon went viral. She even added more pictures of the lunch box and details for her followers who wanted to purchase the products.

More Pics of Bamboo Tiffin Carrier

Aren’t they gorgeous? Bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae. Bamboo as a plant is naturally pest-resistant, biodegradable, antifungal, antibacterial and regrows to its adult size in about three to five years. This is why bamboo is seen as one of the finest materials to use in creating an eco-friendly and sustainable product that won’t cause harm to the environment.

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