Woman Boils Stained Panties in a Hotel Kettle As a ‘Hygienic’ Way to Clean Them, Netizens Disgusted After Tweet Goes Viral
Woman uses kettle to wash knickers (Photo Credits: Pixabay, Twitter)

When you visit hotels, you assume that everything will be clean and well-kempt for the visiting guests. But a shocking revelation by a woman from a few years ago has resurfaced on Twitter, sparking concern if anything is safe at all. A Twitter thread reveals why hotel room kettles should be cleaned properly before using or rather never used at all. A certain woman posted on social media and revealed that she once washed her knickers in the hotel kettle! This comes weeks after, a disgusting trend saw people licking stuff on the shop racks and keeping it back.

A Twitter user @whymummydrinks, posted a screenshot of an old post in which a woman revealed that she'd forgotten to pack her knickers. She got her periods out of the blue and thus to wash them quickly, she used the hotel kettle! Also adding that it was "Quick, fast and hygienic." The revelation is too disgusting and one will never look at hotel kettles the same way. Walmart Shopper Spits Mouthwash Back Into the Bottle, Disgusting Video Goes Viral.

Check Tweet About a Woman Washing Knickers in Kettle:

The incident is apparently from 2017 and people are swearing to never use hotel kettles again! Well, who would?

Hotel rooms have a sink

Take your own flask guys

How can you forget knickers???

People, what is wrong with you'll?

Puke out this information

The shocking part is the woman thought it is hygienic, clearly not thinking about the next ones to stay in the room. In the Twitter thread, one of the women whose husband is a housekeeper in a hotel room, also warned against using hotel room kettles. Well, the next time you're visiting anywhere, travel with your own flask or a kettle, that'd be a good and safe investment.