Healthcare workers are in the frontline fighting coronavirus putting their lives at work. Many of them have been working for long hours trying to meet the demands of the medical crisis the world is facing today. And as doctors, nurses and other medical workers continue to work with little rest, people across countries decided to applaud their efforts. Videos and photos people clapping for their NHS workers has been shared widely. The UK took part in a tribute called 'Clap for Carers', where people stood in their balconies and clapped as a mark of thanks to health care workers. Indians clapped for medical staff standing at their balconies. The staff at Lalit Hotel in Mumbai also clapped as doctors and nurses arrived after their shifts. Coronavirus in France: Citizens Pay Nightly Tribute to Medical Heroes Fighting the Pandemic by Clapping for Them Every Night From Balconies (Watch Videos)

On World Health Day 2020, we have compiled a list of videos when people clapped for medical staff. During these tough times, the selfless work of medical staff is commendable. People across various countries appreciated their dedication in fighting this virus. Watch videos of people thanking medical experts and other staff, this World Health Day 2020.

1. Family Claps for Mother Who is an NHS Worker:

Video of a family clapping for the mother who is an NHS worker had gone viral earlier. They clapped for her as she returned from work surprising her. She can be seen smiling as her family begins clapping on seeing her

2. Tesco Staff Appreciates NHS Workers:

Earlier, Tesco staff in Belfast appreciated NHS workers by clapping fro them. As a mark of respect, they also handed out flowers to them while they were shopping.

3. Neighbours Clapping for Paramedics Staff as She Leaves For Work:

A heartwarming video of neighbours clapping as a paramedic staff leaves for work had gone viral earlier. The medical staff can be seen moved to tears on seeing her neighbourhood's reaction.

4. Britons Applaud National Health Service (NHS):

People of Britain including the royals and politicians clapped thanking their NHS workers. They came out to their balconies last month and clapped as a gesture of gratitude for the selfless efforts of the medical staff. Many popular landmarks in London were also lit in blue thanking their efforts.

Royals Calling For Medical Staff:

5. Indian Army Thanks Medical Staff:

Indian Army troops of White Knight Corps thanked doctors, medical personnel and cleaning staff for their services who are working towards containing the coronavirus outbreak. As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi's directions, Indians came out to their balconies and windows to clap and thank medical workers who are in the frontline battle against Coronavirus.

6. Delhi's Hotel Lalit Staff Clap For Doctors And Nurses:

The staff at Hotel Lalit in Delhi cheered as doctors arrived at the hotel. The doctors from Lok Nayak Hospital and GB Pant Hospital applauded the medical staff for their services during the time of COVID-19. Delhi government has made arrangement for doctors to stay in the hotels due to the current crisis situation.

As Coronavirus continues to spread across nations, the courage and valour of these medical workers are really commendable. We hope their requirements are and the world fights this pandemic at the earliest and emerges victorious.

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