Jofra Archer’s Prophecy: England Cricketer May Have Foretold Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Plan of Lighting Lamps and Candles at 9 PM on April 5
Jofra Archer (Photo Credits" Getty Images)

Jofra Archer is at it again! Believe it or not, the England cricketer seems to take his prophetic skills to a new level almost every day. He rebuffed it – the nature of his tweets foretelling future events – as a mere coincidence but Twitterati thinks otherwise. In the latest episode archer prophecy, a series of tweets from the 25-year-old’s Twitter archives have gone viral, which shows that Archer perhaps knew all about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan of lighting lamps, candles and torch lights on a certain April 5 night. What’s surprising is that Archer even knew the PM will pick '9 pm' as the correct time for the act and that the performance – which will be a show of collective solidarity and willingness to fight the coronavirus pandemic – will be for a duration of '9 minutes'. Jofra Archer’s Old Tweet Finds Resemblance in PM Narendra Modi’s Urge to Light Lamps and Candles on 5th April at 9pm.

The PM in his address to the nation on Friday urged each of the country’s citizens to light lamps, candles or mobile torches for 9 minutes from 9 pm on April 5, 2020 (Sunday). This act, PM Modi said, will demonstrate the country’s togetherness as well as its willingness to fight the coronavirus pandemic as a collective. “There is no bigger force than our conviction and resolve. There is nothing we cannot achieve with these forces,” the Prime Minister had said.

'9 From 9'

Turn Off Lights!!!

And no sooner had the PM finished his speech, Twitterati hogged into Archer’s Twitter profile and dug out a string of tweets that foretold not only the PM’s speech but every minute details of what is to take place this coming Sunday. The oldest among the series of posts read: “Lights Out” which was exactly what the PM had asked of his citizens. Another read “9 from 9” that signified the date and duration of the events on Sunday. A third said “Light it up” which was referring to PM Modi’s urge of lighting lamps and candles while also  its citizens “Shudda turn off the light.”

Flash Lights...

'Lights Out'

However, this shouldn't surprise fans as most of Archer's old tweets find its resemblance in the present situation. When news of the coronavirus pandemic broke out and the world was forced into a shutdown, Archer’s tweet sprang up to shout that he had predicted it. “There will be, no place to run, that day will come,” a tweet of the 25-year-old speedster made in 2014 showed.

That Day Has Come?

21 Days Lockdown Enough?

Then when PM Modi declared a 21-day nationwide lockdown on the night of March 23, 2020, to curb and contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Archer’s tweet from the past said "3 weeks at home isn't enough” referring to the 21-day lockdown.

His tweets and his accuracy have always left people astonished on how an individual living in the present could be so exact and rightly predict events from the future. Archer had recently declined to derive any such angle to his tweets and had mentioned that maybe it is just a coincidence that his tweets from the past somehow connect to events in the present.