Kumar Sangakkara Appeals Countrymen to Stand Together As Sri Lankan Government Orders Nationwide Curfew Amid Anti-Muslim Riots
Kumar Sangakkara (Photo Credits: @bintroo)

In the wake of Easter bombings, the Sri Lankan government has ordered a nationwide curfew for the second night after anti-Muslim riots grip the country. A few instances of violence have emerged in the country after a Muslim man was killed by a mob on Monday. Amid the political tensions, Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara has appealed the countrymen to unite and not get into the mess of religion, violence, hatred and thuggery. Sri Lankan Blast: Government Blames Muslim Group for Easter Bombings that Killed 290.

In a tweet posted by the former Sri Lankan captain, he has asked the countrymen to observe peace and has asked them to not give into the political agendas. “STOP. BREATHE. THINK. OPEN YOUR EYES. If we lose ourselves in violence, racism, thuggery and hatred we lose our country. Unite as Sri Lankans, be peaceful, keep each other safe. Do not give into shameful, divisive political agendas. WE HEAL AND RISE TOGETHER AS ONE NATION,” read Sangakkara.

As per Al Jazeera, a Facebook post sparked anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka. Don't laugh more, 1 day u will cry," was posted as a comment on Facebook by a Muslim shopkeeper, and local resident took it as a warning of the attack. Several residents in the NWP complained of violence. "There are hundreds of rioters, police and army are just watching. They have burnt our mosques and smashed many shops owned by Muslims," said a resident, to a news agency on the condition of anonymity. "When we try to come out of our house, police tell us to stay inside,” further said the resident. Many shops were attacked.