PAK beat SA by 27 runs | Pakistan vs South Africa Live Cricket Score 3rd I T20 Match

Pakistan in South Africa, 3 T20I Series, 2019

Date: Feb 06, 2019 Start Time: 21:30 IST | 16:00 GMT | 18:00 Local
Venue: SuperSport Park, Centurion
168/9 Overs: 20.0
141/9 Overs: 20.0
Pakistan beat South Africa by 27 runs

Pakistan vs South Africa Live Cricket Score - 3rd I T20 Match - Summary

End of Over : 20.0 SA: 141/9

Blanked 3-0 in the Tests, pipped 3-2 in the ODIs and beaten 2-1 in the T20Is. The Pakistan team fought hard in the white ball leg but they head home without any silverware. South Africa would definitely be pleased with this performance and will be looking forward to the Tests at home against Sri Lanka coming up. Thus, a pretty long tour consisting all the formats comes to an end and we saw the visitors being outplayed. Hope you enjoyed the coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Take care and cheers!

19.6 0

A perfect yorker to end the match and the tour, kept out towards point by Morris. Afridi ends a super night for him with the ball having figures of 4-0-23-1 and Pakistan will be smiling at least with the result tonight. THEY WIN THIS GAME BY 27 RUNS BUT THE SERIES IS TAKEN BY SOUTH AFRICA 2-1.

19.5 6

SIX! Too little too late but nonetheless a fifty for Morris. His first in T20Is. A length ball on the pads, flicked away and the ball goes deep into the crowd at the mid-wicket region.

19.4 6

SIX! One away from the fifty now. A length ball on the middle stump line, Morris stands tall and swings this away over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.

19.3 0

Leading edge and the full length ball on the pads flies to deep point on the bounce. The single is not taken. Morris wants a 50 here it seems.

19.2 0

Slower ball angles across Morris who swings but connects with thin air.

19.1 0

DROPPED! Short ball over the stumps, Morris goes for the pull but gets a top edge to it. Afridi goes for it himself but puts it down.

End of Over : 19 7 Runs SA: 129/9
18.6 0

Yorker on the pads, worked away to fine leg but the single is not taken. 40 runs needed off 6 balls now. Faheem after one 21-run over ends with figures of 4-0-38-2.

18.5 W

OUT! Disturbs the stumps! A fuller length ball on middle and too good for the number 10 bat. Sipamla looks to flick it away but misses. Ashraf hits and South Africa just have one wicket left now.

18.4 1

Another excellent yorker, too good from Faheem. Morris takes a single by keeping it out towards point.

18.3 2

Length ball on the pads, front-arm pull away from deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs.

18.2 0

Brilliant comeback from Ashraf. Yorker right at Morris' toes and he can only jam it out to point. Dot ball.

18.1 4

FOUR! Smashed back over the bowler's head. A half-volley outside off, Morris swings through the line and hits it over the head of Faheem. No chance for long off to come around there.