2018 FIFA World Cup Video Diaries: Two Minutes Silence at an Argentina’s Media Outlet After the Team Lost To Croatia
Argentina vs Croatia (Photo Credit: Twitter/Mshazibongah)

Argentina is almost staring at elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup after their lost the match on Thursday against Croatia by 0-3. The result of the match came as a rude shock to fans. Many of them even vented their anger on social media blaming Lionel Messi for the loss. The abuses were not limited to players but even their spouses bore the brunt. Antonella Roccuzzo was trolled left right and centre as after the team lost against Croatia. While many others have been sympathetic towards the players.

Now, we came across a video where a media outlet in Argentina named TyC Sports expressed their disappointment. But not by slamming the players for the dismal performance by shouting on the top of their lungs, but by offering two minutes of silence to mark the death of the national team after the game. The presenters who are currently based in Moscow dejectedly watched how dreadfully the team performed during the match. The panel comprises 6 men who came together who bowed their heads in silence after the game. The video of the same went viral.

After the loss, Jorge Sampaoli the coach of the team took the responsibility for the loss. He said, “Leo is limited because the team doesn't gel ideally with him as it should. I would beg fans for their forgiveness. I am responsible. Some of the players didn't manage to play with my system, I probably didn't set up my team in the right way,” he said. It was even said that Jerge would be sacked after Argentina’s atrocious performance.  But a statement from the team said that the new was absolutely false. Argentina drew their first match by 1-1 against Iceland.