Uruguay vs Portugal Head-to-Head; Winless Uruguay Look to Take on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Men in the Pre-quarters of the of 2018 FIFA World Cup
Uruguay vs Portugal Head-to-Head (Photo Credits: Facebook)

The second pre-quarter of the June 30 will bring us an exciting game between Uruguay and Portugal. Uruguay has impressed the fans by sealing their place in the last-16 spots of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The match between the two teams will start at 11.30 PM IST at the Fisht Stadium. Both teams will surely leave no stone unturned to win the crucial tie. Uruguay remains unbeaten since the last 4 matches of the FIFA World Cup, whereas Cristiano Ronaldo’s men have won last 12 matches.

Team Portugal is quite aware of the fact that Uruguay is yet to concede a goal. In fact even while addressing the press said, "They are a typical South American side.” It's not just in this World Cup that they have not been conceding goals - it has been like that for the whole of 2018. Oscar Tabarez is the longest-serving international manager. That means he has a very strong relationship with his players." It is only on a couple of occasions that the two teams have faced each other. Uruguay have remained winless in both the matches.

Portugal vs Uruguay, 1966

The first time the two teams locked horns with each other was in 1966 at the Estádio Nacional do Jamor, Oeiras for a friendly tie. The game was won by Portugal by 3-0 and Jose Torres scored three goals in the match. Uruguay, on the other hand, couldn’t score a single goal.

Uruguay vs Portugal, 1972

This time the two teams met for the Independence Cup at Maracana, Rio de Janeiro. The match ended with a draw as the score was 1-1. Ricardo Pavoni from Uruguay and Jaime Graca from Portugal scored a goal for their respective teams.

Coming back to today’s match Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez will play vital roles for the team. Portugal relies on Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal’s William Carvalho could make a comeback into the squad. Uruguay defender Jose Gimenez, who scored their first goal of the tournament, also could come back to the squad. So according to us, Portugal could walk away with the last laugh.