Aadhaar Now on Instagram: UIDAI Debuts on Photo-Sharing Social Media Site Promising 'An Exciting New Offering'
Aadhaar Now on Instagram | (Photo Credits: Twitter/@UIDAI)

New Delhi, June 11: The Aadhaar, which is the most significant identity project in India, has now launched its Instagram page to share updates with the UIDAI card holders as well as the general populace. The move comes amid ample  amount of traction noticed on the Twitter page of Aadhaar.

The Instagram account will allow UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) to widen its audience. The photo-sharing social media site has turned increasing popular, with a large number of Facebook and Twitter users jumping ship due to the photogenic nature of the networking site. Aadhaar May Get Deactivated for These Reasons: Here’s How to Check UIDAI Status and Reactivate It

Here Is What The UIDAI Tweeted on Launching The Aadhaar Page on Instagram:

'An Exciting New Offering'

The teaser used by Aadhaar to promote its debut on Instagram states that the unique identification body will be offering something "exciting" to its digital audience.

"We had to start our Instagram profile with an exciting new offering for our digital audience," it states, asking users to follow it on Instagram to know more. However, the UIDAI was yet to upload its first post on social media by the time this report was published. Stay tuned with the Instagram page for more.