In the age of technology, we often end up buying several gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless headphones and more. Though these products add to our convenience but carrying respective chargers with the products become a tiresome job these days. And, charging them one by one with their particular chargers is certainly not a job of our generation. We love to do things instant and quick, and we need such a charging companion for our devices as well.

In the fast-paced life, we often travel to places and there are numerous occasions when we run out the juice on our smartphones when we are really in need. Though power banks serve their purpose, they are generally slow and takes ample time to fully revive the device. A portable travel charger is a perfect savour in these situations, and that too with multiple ports is like a cherry on the top.

AMX XP-60 45W Charger Review (File Photo)

One such product that we look up to review is the AMX XP-60 45W charger that was recently sent to us for a review. So, let dig deeper to find out if this is worth giving a shot.

The first thing you'll notice about the AMX charger its rectangular-shaped matte finish body. It gets a single USB-C to USB Power delivery port with 45W charging. And, there are three USB-A Ports with up to 17W at 3.4A. This charger is BIS certified, offering programmable power supply. It gets a blue LED light which illuminates when in use. The charger is slightly on the bulkier side, as it occupies maximum space of the socket.

AMX XP-60 45W Charger Review (File Photo)

This AMX's travel charger is a true rockstar in every sense. Note, AMX XP-60 along with the Infinity X cable enables fast charging on a majority of smartphones. This affordable yet highly capable charger can charge phones like the Galaxy Note 10+ at a much faster rate than the stock 25W. This is possible because of the eMarker chip that enables fast charging speed from the charger. Additionally, this product from AMX supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS 3.0) which is essential for some USB PD supported devices available in the market.

We even tried charging our company-owned laptop with this charger, and to our amusement, it worked, and that too without any difficulty. But, the charging speed was comparatively slower than the stock charging brick. So in simple words, this thing can do wonders, in terms of charging, obviously. If you own a laptop with USB-PD support, then you will be able to charge the laptop, without the need of carrying the bulky charging adaptors.

AMX XP-60 45W Charger Review (File Photo)

To sum it up, the AMX XP-60 45W charger definitely should have space in our backpack or travel bag. And, the best part is that the charger is affordable. You can get hands-on the charger via official website for a price of Rs 1,499. And, for the Infinity X cable to will have to pay Rs. 899.

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