Cardalonia, a Cardano Metaverse Project is developing a play to earn Metaverse project on the Cardano blockchain. Cardalonia will connect NFT creators, Blockchain developers in a unique play to earn interactive and curated Metaverse experience that will be powered by the $LONIA utility token that can be acquired at the seed sale rate below.

Cardalonia Flexible Staking

Cardalonia has released the Flexible Staking Vault where $LONIA Token holders can stake their tokens to earn multiple benefits like Compounded Monthly Rewards, DAO Governance & Early Pre-Sale Land Sale Ticket.

The developers behind Cardalonia came up with the Flexible Staking & Auto-Compounding Mechanism that functions in a way similar to Cardano Stake Pools. Staking LONIA Tokens will serve as a passive source of income for the token holders with APYs as high as 20%.

This Novel Staking protocol allows an easier and more efficient staking transaction and grants $LONIA holders the highest stable returns in the Cardano space without their Tokens Ever leaving Their Wallet. $LONIA token holders can start staking their tokens.

Cardalonia Metaverse Unique Features

The unique thing about the Cardalonia Metaverse Game is that players can interact with one another depending on the Land Proximity.

The second one is the advertising mode, where the Cardalonia land owners will be able to display what ever they like on their land. The Latter version of the game which will be based on P2E concept will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

How To Buy Lonia Tokens

Initial Adopters looking to acquire the $LONIA tokens before the IDO & Exchange listing can do so by clicking on the link below.

Cardalonia will also have an In-App NFT Marketplace, where creators can develop their Cardalonia Compatible Assets (CCA) as in-game items and sell them as NFTs on the marketplace.