Is Aadhar Compulsory to Open Facebook Account? Social Media Company Clarifies The Rumours

Linking our Aadhar card number to our bank account, PAN card has not just become a norm but even saw its share of criticism and jokes. What came as a utter shock was when certain new users wanted to make a new account on Facebook saw a prompt message regarding Aadhar details popping up. It stirred up reports that the widely used social media site also wants your Aadhar details now. In times of news spreading across other platforms so quickly there were people questioning. But now Facebook has clarified that it is not asking for your Aadhar linking. It was a test carried out for some time for the newly joining users.

The social media giant clarified in a blog post- “We are not collecting Aadhaar data and do not require people to enter their Aadhaar name when they sign up to Facebook. "The goal of this test was to help new users understand how to sign up to Facebook with their real name and connect with their friends and family. At the point of account sign-up, users who were part of the test saw language that said, "using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognize you." This is an optional prompt that we were testing. People were not required to enter the name on their Aadhaar card, and there is no integration or authentication with Aadhaar.”

The test has been concluded and there are no plans to continue it further. There were questions regarding the safety and security, given the medium is so wide and your Aadhar card could be misused. Though it was not a mandatory thing, the users who saw it were a little taken aback to find Aadhar linking similarity popping up on social media. Now with clarifications from the company itself, there is no need to worry about it. Meanwhile, make sure you have your Aadhar linked wherever mandatory.