Kaitlyn Batten is a Social Media Manager who enjoys helping small businesses create engaging content and post consistently on the major platforms.

She has a particular passion for Pinterest strategies. She is skilled at creating content that reflects a client’s brand using quality strategies to ensure their brand is searchable and easily found.

Kaitlyn also helps people with Instagram and Facebook. She sits down with a client for an initial strategy session, and then gets to work creating content, scheduling posts, and researching hashtags. Then every month she will review analytics with them to ensure things are going well.

An Online Presence Is Vital

“The pandemic created a boom in the online space,” Kaitlyn explains. “People saw it as the way to save their businesses in times when face to face shopping wasn’t available.” 

She continues, “If your business is online, you need to post daily (sometimes multiple times a day), use the right hashtags, engage with your target audience, and make content that draws people in.”

If this sounds daunting to you, Kaitlyn can help. Her goal is to create social media content that stands out and draws your target customer into your business.

“Whether you are a store front, brick and mortar, or an online business - you want to be present in a digital world and that’s exactly what I do for you. I create a brand and style that fits you and your business and keep you consistently showing up for your audience.”

Kaitlyn will take the stress out of your social media strategy by doing it for you. She will create your posts, captions and hashtags and analyze all the data to deliver a strategy based on SEO keywords and audience response that brings tangible, and measurable results.

The Power Of Pinterest

Over the past two years, Kaitlyn’s clients have enjoyed major growth. In a two-month span, clients' accounts have grown from 200 to 4,000 monthly views, link clicks have risen 100-200% and impressions have increased by more than 400%.

So few small business owners today actually realize the reach that their business can have on Pinterest if they follow a proven strategy like Kaitlyn’s. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Kaitlyn offers three packages to her Pinterest clients: monthly management plans, optimization plans and audit plans. All three aim to optimize and set up your company’s Pinterest page in a way that truly supports your business and markets you in a huge way.

To ensure she always offers the best possible service, she attends numerous business and Pinterest-specific courses to ensure she continually grows and develops as a coach and that her advice is always up to date.

Kaitlyn is determined to help as many small businesses as she can to take full advantage of Pinterest. Whether you are struggling on the platform or you do not currently use it at all, she believes it should be a huge part of your marketing strategy, and she can help you make an amazing page that drives traffic to your website.