New York Teen Sues Apple For $ 1 Billion After Company's Facial Recognition Software Links Him to Series of Thefts at Boston and Other Stores
Apple Logo. (Photo Credits: IANS)

New York, April 23: A teenager has sued tech giant Apple for US dollar one billion for accusing him of stealing from Apple stores. A Bloomberg report said that the teenager, identified as 18-year-old Ousmane Bah, was arrested from his home. He was arrested because the apple software for face recognition showed him guilty of having stolen from the company's stores. Bah has said in his lawsuit that the complaint by Apple carries a photo which is not his. Apple Spent over $30 Million on Amazon Cloud Services in First Quarter of 2019.

The teenager's lawsuit also states that he was not even present at the spot of burglary at the Apple store from where he has been accused of robbing. The company has accused him of committing robbery in Boston. But the teenager claims he was in Boston at that particular day and hour. Apple's 5G iPhones to Sport Qualcomm, Samsung Chips.

The alleged proof on which Apple has based its accusations on the teenager is a form of facial recognition tool. It is used to identity thieves on its network. It links the facial identity to documents so as to identify individuals who may have committed robbery or stolen from the store.

Apple was involved in a high-profile litigation case with Qualcomm just recently and now this lawsuit is making headlines in the tech world. Apple is yet to comment on the lawsuit filed against it by the teenager.