Deadliest Spiders in the World: New Species of Widow Spider Discovered in South Africa Has Lethal Bite, Watch Video
New species of widow spider (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you have arachnophobia or the fear of spiders then this is not good news for you. Scientists in South Africa have made a dangerous discovery of widow spider species. Named the Phinda button spider, this is the first new discovery made in the species after 30 years! Experts say the bite will be just as Black Widow spider which can hospitalise victims. It is said to be the biggest of the lethal arachnid family. Experts call it the 'largest widow spider' but more details about the scientific name have not been revealed yet. Do Spiders Produce Milk? Scientists Discover New Jumping Spiders Which Lactate and Nurse Their Babies, Watch Video.

Barbara Wright discovered the new species and has also called it fatal. "Although we still haven't done the toxicology on this species, all widow spiders (genus Latrodectus) are considered medically important due to their potent neurotoxic venom. The effects of the venom on human beings may include pain, palpitation, sweating and vomiting." The widow spider species are among the world's nine deadliest spiders. They are found in the critically-endangered sand forests but are among the largest ones found in Africa. Giant Spider Rescued From Herbert River, North Queensland, Twitterati Frightened After Watching The Video. 

Check Video of the Phinda Button Spider Found in South Africa

Female widow spiders have a bright red marking on their belly and their back. They create a purple-coloured sac which can hold about 600 hatchlings. But since the spider is an endangered one, the need to protect them is also expressed. "To find a new species of widow spider in a critically-endangered habitat really highlights the importance of its protection. The Phinda Button spider is a red flag to raise awareness of the importance of habitat protection."