WhatsApp Down: Funny Memes and Jokes Take Over Twitter After Messaging App Faces Outage, Check Tweets
WhatsApp Logo. Representative Image. (Photo Credits: IANS)

Mumbai, January 19: Imagining life without WhatsApp and that too on a Sunday is a tough task for many. And matters get out of hand if the messaging app services are hit. The worst nightmare for users of WhatsApp came true after the messaging app hit roadblock on Sunday. And soon after the outage in service, users took to Twitter to complain about the temporary inaccessibility of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Down: Users Take to Twitter to Complain About Outage in Messaging App Services, Share Funny Memes and Jokes.

The hashtag #WhatsAppDown soon started trending on Twitter. And as has been the case in similar instances in the past, people resorted to memes and jokes to vent out. Finds the most funny memes and jokes below.

Things People Do Before Declaring WhatsApp is Down

Relationship Hazard of WhatsApp Outage

WhatsApp is Part Sharing, Part Showoff

WhatsApp Down Can Have Serious Consequences

The Twitter WhatsApp Comparison

Weird Memes

The Meme Which Refuses to Leave Internet

Oh, Bollywood!

What Many Actually Do

There has been no confirmation from WhatsApp about the outage in services. Users are awaiting a clarification from the messaging app about when will be the services restored. However, it's a curious case as several WhatsApp users can use the app and many others from various parts of the world said they are still waiting for services to get back to normal.