WhatsApp to Launch 'Dark Mode': Reports
Representational image of messaging application WhatsApp | (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Social media messaging application WhatsApp, which has gained popularity among netizens in most parts of the world, is expected to soon launch a 'dark mode'. Although the company is yet to issue an official announcement, reports are rife that the application will receive the much-awaited in the coming days.

Dark mode, available for Twitter and YouTube users, amends the user-interface in a manner which is more eye-friendly. Netizens particularly prefer this mode in the night, when there is no external lights available. Browsing in the dark mode is likely to cause less damage to the retina, as compared to the brightened white interface.

At present, WhatsApp has a simple user interface, which allows users to only custom-select the app background.

While WhatsApp is expected to launch the dark mode, Facebook had made an announcement related to the same earlier in the year. The release date, however, has not been released by the social media giant.

While dark mode has been a hit on Twitter, it remains unlikely how the Facebook and WhatsApp users will react to it -- if the feature is introduced.