A man in Australia was recently pulled over for speeding on the highway, but the cops soon realised that he had a genuine reason. The man had just fought off one of the world's deadliest snakes and was rushing to the hospital. As per a statement released by the by Queensland Police on July 6, the driver - identified only as "Jimmy" - was driving down the Dawson Highway in the state of Queensland when he noticed an angry eastern brown snake slithering towards his leg. As per a CNN report, Jimmy had encountered an eastern brown snake, a highly venomous reptile that is responsible for the majority of snakebite deaths in Australia. The driver used a seat belt and a nearby knife to fight the snake off while trying to stop his car. An eastern brown snakebite is very harmful and their venom is fast-acting. It can cause paralysis and bleeding in the brain, proving fatal if not acted fast enough.