Beijing, August 1: Authorities in the capital have asked halal restaurants and eateries to remove Arabic symbols associated with Islam. Images as such the crescent moon or the word halal were asked to be removed. According to a Reuters report, the government officers told them to use more of Chinese culture. In their latest crackdown against Muslims, more than 11 restaurants were asked to remove the Arabic signs. China Against Muslim, Launches Anti-halal Campaign, Says Ritual Fuels Extremism.

Many shops replaced the word halal with the Chinese term-qing Zhen and the others covered the Islamic words with tape, till their new signs get prepared. China is reportedly home to 20 million Muslims.

The report further mentions that it is not just Muslims who have come under scrutiny. Authorities have also shut down many underground Christian churches, and torn down crosses of some churches deemed illegal by the government.

Last year, China launched a campaign against halal food products in its Muslim majority Xinjiang province, claiming that the Islamic ritual fuels extremism and penetrates secular values. The country came under major international criticism for cracking down on Muslim Uighur minority in Xinjiang which it suspects of having secessionist tendencies.

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