The presidential elections in the United States are less than 35 days away, and voters across the United States are on the internet scrambling with their queries. Members of the American electorate sought to know, via the internet, whether they are eligible to vote and how they must register themselves to exercise the precious right to franchise. Here are some top FAQs and their answers. Mail-In Ballots Focus of US Presidential Election 2020: How to Vote by Mail? Here Are 4 Basic Steps.

'Am I Registered to Vote in US Elections 2020?'

This is one of the most searched phrases on Google among the users in the US. A significant section of the electorate wants to know whether they are registered to vote. To find out the same, visit and click on the tab 'CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION'. On the page which appears, enter all your details and press on submit.

'How Do I Register to Vote?'

Another most searched query among American netizens, ahead of the upcoming elections, is how do I register to vote. To know the same, again visit Repeat the step as mentioned in the first query to know whether you are already registered. If you are not registered, then click on the tab 'REGISTER TO VOTE' on the landing page. After clicking on the same, enter your details and press submit. Note: only American nationals can vote in the presidential polls.

'The Election That Could Break America?'

A number of netizens are also searching the following phrase on Google - "the election that could break America" - as the upcoming polls are considered to be most divisive in past several decades. The pre-poll surveys are largely showing President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden neck-and-neck. What appears as a matter of concern is the starkly opposite political views of the supports of either sides.

With Trump suggesting that he may not relinquish power easily in case of a "rigged election", a possibility exists of a slugfest at the White House in case Biden ends up defeating the incumbent President in the November 3 polls.

"I think it is terribly important that we actually listen to, and take seriously, what Donald Trump is saying," Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said, after Trump claimed that the election results involving mail-in ballots could not be trusted.

'How to Register For Mail In-Ballot?'

If you are a US national, it is necessary to apply for an absentee or mail-in ballot to be eligible for voting via mail. To request for your absentee ballot, visit the official portal and select your respective state. While the absentee ballot was assigned only in specific cases in polls held so far, the ongoing pandemic has allowed all registered voters to file a request.

Results of the high-stake presidential elections would be declared on November 10, 2020. According to Biden, this is the "most crucial election" to save the democratic ethos of the country. Trump, on the other hand, has claimed that his defeat would be a major setback for the movement to "make America great again".

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