Hannover Airport in Germany Suspends Flight Operations After Man Enters Tarmac in Car Through Gate
An aerial view of the Hannover Airport in Germany | (Photo Credits: Wikimedia)

Berlin, December 29: The Hannover Airport has been put on a lockdown by Germany police after a man rammed through a gate in a vehicle and drove on the tarmac. The man was overpowered and stopped before he could do further damage. Reports say that the man has been detained by the police.

“A man broke through a gate and drove to the tarmac. Police officers managed to stop the vehicle and overpower the man,” Hannover police wrote on their Twitter page.

They later tweeted that the security areas have been cleared, and all flight operations have been suspended at the airport while the incident is being investigated.

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Hannover is the ninth busiest airport in Germany and will be out of operation for at least five hours owing to the incident, said media reports.

However, this is not the first time that such an incident has taken place. Drivers in the past have attempted to trespass secured airport areas previously as well. A driver drove into the runway of Lyon Airport in France this year, on September 10.