Marijuana Legalised in Canada, But South Korea Won't Let Its Citizens in the Country Smoke Cannabis
File photo of Marijuana. (Photo Credit: Twitter@Jweeds_420)

Canada, October 23: Canada became the second country in the world to legalise marijuana last week, but for South Koreans hoping to try the drug, their hopes have vanished. Police in South Korea has repeatedly told their citizens not to take part in this newfound freedom, with the latest warning coming this week. Cannabis Ice Cream? Florida Doctors Are Prescribing Weed-Infused Desserts To Reduce Pain and Anxiety.

According to reports, South Korea has warned its citizens that even though marijuana in Canada was legalised, but using it is still an offence under Seoul's laws. The South Korean Embassy in Canada tweeted saying, " South Korean individuals who use marijuana (including purchase, possession and transport) — even in regions where such acts are legal — are violating the law and will be punished accordingly."

South Korea is not the only country that punishes people for smoking weed or dealing with it, other countries are also very stringent when it comes to drug laws. For e.g. in Singapore, citizens can face upto 10 years imprisonment if found consuming illegal substances.

(With inputs from agencies)