Wildfires Rage on Cape Town's Lion's Head Mountain
Wildfires Rage on Cape Town's Lion's Head Mountain. (Photo Credit: @evnsocial)

Cape Town, January 28: A wildfire has engulfed Cape Town's famous Lion Head mountain and has moved towards residential neighborhoods, prompting several people to evacuate their homes, the media reported on Monday.

A Cape Town Fire Service spokesman said 70 firefighters and 20 trucks fought the blaze on Sunday night, reports the Guardian. Bad wind conditions complicated efforts to bring the blaze under control.

Video and photographs of the fire flooded social media, with some describing the scene as "Armageddon". California Wildfires: 25 Feared Dead in Worst Fire Incident, Thousands Forced to Flee.

Images showed thick black smoke as the blaze swept close to the affluent neighbourhood of Fresnaye. The cause of the fire was not known. Cape Town is in the grip of a drought that in early 2018 almost left the South African city without water.