New Delhi, February 16: Most students are afraid of mathematics due to the long list of formulas and calculations.

Formulas are the foundational need of every problem without them there is no fun in mathematics.

Class 10 Maths formulas are the cornerstone of numeracy skills. So, learning class 10 maths formulas help to solve complex problems with ease and accuracy. In the process enhancing the student's ability to use mathematics in practical situations.

For instance, Class 10 quadratic equation formulas are used in situations where we can represent the location or value of any object through quadratic equations. Trigonometry formulas are used to determine height and distance in various fields like the navigation system, architecture, aviation, etc.

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Formulas of statistics and probability are used in the calculation of insurance risks, analysis of statistical data, and so on. Nearly every industry employs these formulas in one or the other way. Thus, learning class 10 maths formulas is crucial not only in class 10 but beyond.

But it is tough and often confusing to learn these formulas. To make this job easy for you, we came up with 5 simple yet significant tricks to learn the maths formulas.

1. Find, the fun behind

The human mind remembers stories better than numerical figures. Try to create a story that revolves around formulas that you are trying to learn. The sequence of a story will help you to remember things in order.

Many of us know the popular mnemonic BODMAS for the order of operations in maths. Similarly, to learn the trigonometric ratios; P/H = sin, B/H = cos, P/B = tan, you can use a phrase like "pandit badri prasad har har bole sona chandi tole".

Likewise, you can make phrases that can help you recall the long-complicated formulas. But remember memory tricks are great tools for learning, but mathematics cannot be mastered through foolish trickery. Therefore, you should also dedicate your time to understanding the formulas.

2. Understand, the breakdown

When you comprehend formulas and concepts you can memorise them better. Understanding the logic, rules, variables and symbols of a certain formula, will make it easier to remember it.

For that, break down the parts of the formula and review how it builds. The derivation of the formula will help you familiarise yourself with the roots and concepts of that formula making you retain it for a longer time. Moreover, when you derive a formula, you come across several other formulas. That way you can memorise just the bare minimum number of formulae that you need to derive the rest from.

3. Stick, it on your wall

The best way to memorise Maths Formula is not to memorise them at all.

Because even if you memorise a Formula today, you will most probably forget it after some days. Therefore, how long you remember a formula also depends on how many times you REVISE it.

When you have a lot to memorise, revise it from the wall. Write all the formulas on plain paper and paste them on a wall. This trick will help you to memorise by seeing those formulas repeatedly on the wall and they will slowly seep into your brain. For formulas and more, you can go with Oswaal CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Class 10 & 12 For Board Exams 2022. Students will get different ways of learning:

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4. Use, Don't Cram

After you understand the formula, your brain will still take time to register it don't cram at that time but try solving and practising problems using the formulas. Penning down formulas while applying them to solve questions will help you to learn them better. Apply all the formulas as much as possible, understanding the application of the formula helps to retain the information better.

5. Seep it, before you sleep

When you learn before going to sleep, your brain has better chances of remembering it. Before sleeping, think about the formulas you learned during the daytime, write them down and cross-check whether you remembered them correctly or not. Repeat the process the next day. This way you will start remembering those formulas quickly.

Now that you have these simple tricks to learn better, start using them and make your learning process more fun and efficient! Keep your brain relaxed and you will be able to concentrate better and increase your productivity!

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Good Luck!

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