Chennai, May 19 (PTI) Additional Advocate-General J Ravindran attached to the Madras High Court has come to the rescue of a patient who was in dire need of immediate kidney transplantation, by taking extra efforts to arrange for his participation at a meeting of the Kidney Transplantation Authorisation Committee, scheduled to be held at the DME office here on Friday.

When the writ petition from 27 year-old Sanjay Simon of Coonoor and T Vijayalakshmi (50), who has agreed to donate her kidney to the former came up this morning, the AAG, considering the genuinity involved, voluntarily made a submission before Justice S M Subramaniam that he will get instructions and report before to him. When case was taken up later in the day Ravindran, on instructions, submitted that the patient and the donor can make their presence at the Committee meeting along with an attendant on May 20 in the office of the Directorate of Medical Education. They shall produce all relevant documents before the Committee for consideration and scrutinisation and it will take a decision with regard to grant of approval, he added.

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In view of the submissions made by the AAG, the judge said the petitioners, along with the attendant, are at liberty to appear before the Committee tomorrow along with relevant documents and the panel shall scrutinise the documents and take an appropriate decision on merits in accordance with law and communicate the same to the petitioners at about 7 p.m. the same day.

The judge also directed the AAG to communicate this order to both the parties immediately over phone or through electronic mode of communication to facilitate the meeting.

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According to Simon, a woman had earlier agreed to donate her kidney, but a Coimbatore hospital refused to perform the transplantation on the ground that the donor was not his blood relative. He moved the High Court, which in November last directed the Committee to grant permission. But she fell sick at the last minute and the transplantation did not take place.

Now Vijayalakshmi, a close family friend, has agreed to donate her kidney but the hospital refused to perform the surgery on the same ground that this donor too was not his blood relative. Hence, the present petition before the High Court for a similar direction to the hospital and the committee to consider his representation dated April 1 this year and pass orders in accordance with law and grant approval for the kidney transplantation on priority basis within a time to be stipulated by the Court.

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