Bengaluru, Jan 25 (PTI) Former Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Saturday alleged right wing organisations were behind an unsigned threat letter naming him among others and said he can't be cowed down by such threats.

"I will not stay quiet because of such threats. I know who is behind it. Those belonging to BJP linked organisations speak about terror activities of other community, while there are terrorists within. Very carefully they conduct their activities," he said.

Speaking to reporters here, Kumaraswamy said he would not be cowed down by such threats by right wing outfits.

"RSS was started along with Nazi activities in Germany and there was no difference between them...I'm telling this to RSS and VHP directly.

"The country was in troubled times with unemployment and poverty, use your time and energy into it, instead of threatening to kill someone...," he added.

Pointing out that those close to him had advised not to take threat lightly, he said, "...if they try to cause any danger to me, they will turn into ashes."

The threats that Kumaraswamy referred were following the surfacing of an unsigned threat letter with a list of 15 famous personalities including him, actors Prakash Raj and Chetan, Lingayat SeerNijagunananda Swami among others.

The threat was reportedly posted to the Seer's ashram in Belagavi.

Karnataka Home minister Basavaraj Bommai asked Kumaraswamy to share details about the threat to enable police to investigate it.

"I got to know about the death threat to former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy. We have given him the security that a former Chief Minister gets- which is Z category...If he gives details about the threat to police officials, we will get it investigated and help us provide extra security," he added.

Meanwhile, hitting out at state Health Minister B Sriramulu for asking him to leave the country, who accused him of developing a liking towards Pakistan, Kumaraswamy said: "...Why should I go to Pakistan, they (BJP) get votes by singing bhajans on Pakistan."

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