Vienna, July 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a community event in Vienna on Wednesday (local time) and thanked Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer for his warm welcome, adding that this wait has ended on a historic occasion marking the 75 years of their friendship. Further, he also expressed his gratitude and delight at the enthusiastic welcome, acknowledging that it was a historic moment as an Indian Prime Minister visited Austria after a gap of 41 years.

As PM Modi arrived on the stage at a community event people welcomed him 'Modi, Modi' chant. "This wait has ended on a historic occasion. Perhaps many of you don't know that India and Austria are celebrating 75 years of their friendship..." PM Modi said. "This is my first visit to Austria. The enthusiasm I can see here is wonderful. After 41 years, an Indian PM has arrived here." he added. Moving forward in his speech he also thanked Labour and Economy Minister Martin Kocher and stated that his presence signifies the importance of Indians in Austria. PM Narendra Modi Urges Austria CEOs To Invest in India’s Fast-Growing Economy.

Further PM Modi emphasized the strong connection between India and Austria despite their geographical distance and noted that both countries share common values such as democracy, liberty, equality, and respect for the rule of law. "Geographically, India and Austria are located on two different ends. But there are a lot of similarities between us - democracy connects our two countries. Liberty, equality, pluralism and respect for the rule of law are our shared values," PM Modi said while addressing the event.

"Our two societies are multicultural and multilingual. Both countries have the habit of celebrating diversity. A major medium to reflect these values is election. Austria will go to elections in a few months whereas, in India, we celebrated the festival of democracy just now...The biggest elections concluded in India," he added.

While addressing the event PM Modi mentioned the recent general elections conducted in India and said, that over 650 million people voted in the recent elections, and the results were declared within a few hours. This showcases the efficiency of India's electoral machinery and democratic system. "Hearing about the elections in India leaves people across the world surprised. More than 650 million people voted in the elections that concluded only a few weeks back... Imagine, such a huge electoral process takes place but the poll results are clear within the span of just a few hours. This is the strength of our electoral machinery and our democracy" PM Modi said. PM Modi Meets Nobel Laureate, Four Austrian Indologists in Vienna.

"More than 8000 candidates from hundreds of political parties participated in these elections in India. A contest of this level, such a diverse contest - only after that did the public give its mandate," he added. Further PM Modi expressed gratitude towards the public for re-electing his government for a third consecutive term, a rare feat in India's history, adding that he stated that this decision is proof that India wants stability and continuity.

"After 60 years, a government received the opportunity to serve for the third consecutive term in India. In the post-COVID era, we saw political instability everywhere across the world. It was not easy for governments in most of the countries to survive. Being re-elected has been a challenge," PM Modi said. "In such a situation, the public of India reposed its faith in me, my party and NDA. This mandate is proof of the fact that India wants stability and continuity. This continuity is that of the policy and programs of the last 10 years. This continuity is that of good governance, this continuity is that of working dedicated for big resolves." he added.

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