While a majority of entrepreneurs received a head start in financial capital owing to their well-off families and education from renowned universities, there are some who climbed to the status of a 'successful entrepreneur' without inheriting such advantages. This tough breed of self-made billionaires emerged from rock bottom and scaled the dizzy heights of success by sheer force of will and absolute persistence. And the story of Darnell Marquise Bush is no different!

Born in Sanford FL, this African-American lad started off with zero and built a road to success by working EXTRAORDINARILY hard in the Forex trading industry and keeping his faith in the 'Law of Attraction'. His rags to riches tale about he went from a decrepit home with no electricity and water to possessing a net worth of millions is a perfect example of transforming adversities into huge fortunes.

"I did not stay in glitz and glamour. I grew up in the hood known as Goldsboro, located on 16th street in Sanford. I used to live without lights and water. I remembered my mom used to take negative experiences and make them positive for my goodness sake."

No overnight success here. He grew up poor in the 'Bokey' projects and soon became influenced by the poverty-stricken community. These conditions made him desperate for a better life and a better future. Learning the law of attraction at his mother's knee, he knew that overcoming negative thoughts is crucial to rise in the face of adversity. Hence, he used to involve himself in running alone or playing football and basketball to let go of depression and negative thought patterns.

"I played sports like football, basketball, and ran track to keep my focus away from bad behavior. I knew for a fact that I had to be different, I always had a positive impact on others in my life even through tough times.

Understanding the works of 'Law of Attraction' - belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. You can become anybody you want to be just need to have the ability to think that," the 1999-born entrepreneur commented.

Darnell's parents collected ample funds for him to finish his formal schooling, despite being on a shoestring budget. During his school and college years, the entrepreneur was subjected to ethnic prejudice and overlooked by his peers, first because he was African-American, and then because of his social standing. Despite this reprehensible and contemptuous treatment, Darnell Marquise regarded others with dignity and overcame odds to maintain an impressive 3.5 GPA throughout his academic career.

"During my middle and high school days, I faced some trials and tribulations. I got expelled from school twice. But I knew that I had to be different. Therefore, I always tried to have a positive impact on others in my life even through tough times. I never fell below a 3.5 GPA. I transformed that negativity into positivity," says the Forex trading expert.

Darnell originally performed well in education and scored excellent academic achievements. His exemplary success as a computer engineering student secured him a spot on the President's List x2 and an Intel Company scholarship. But a detailed reading of Steve Siebold's book "How Rich People Think" made him leave his studies halfway to seek an entrepreneurial career as a forex trader and digital marketer.

"As I read the book 'How Rich People Think' by Steve Siebold, he said "Middle class believes the road to riches is paved with formal education and World-class believes the road to riches is paved with specific knowledge" this stuck to me because most people with formal education or degree are still in poverty and in massive debt. Most people have their degrees to say they did something in life but don't apply it, however, in this business we are applying skills from real-life to financial freedom," says the Great Bethune-Cookman University drop-out.

Darnell's insatiable appetite for achievement in operating his own business was what pushed him to foreign exchange market. Little did he know, this would dress him as a wealthy venture capitalist and a part of the Tradehouse Investment Group which has investors all over the globe.

Over the span of years, Darnell has spread his foreign trading business operations to various states of the USA (Florida, California, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Missouri, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Mexico, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa) and foreign nations such as (Africa, Germany, Japan, & Haiti).

Initially, he was in a relentless loop of bouncing from one obstacle to another, such as seeking permission from his parents to skip college or being unable to afford Christmas celebrations. But he overcame all such obstacles with blood, sweat, and tears and successfully surmounted business-related challenges by mastering the universal core-ingredients of successful entrepreneurship.

"You have to sacrifice a little to live a life of a lifetime," states the inspiring 21-year-old African-American entrepreneur.

You can transform your life, but what if you create a difference in the lives of millions of others as well? Darnell did just that! Seeing the circumstances of poverty-ridden communities (especially the black Americans) inspired Darnell Marquise Bush to do something that would bring monetary sustainability in others' lives as well. Day in and out, his company Black Circle Family LLC helps people reach 6-to-7 figure monthly net profits in as little time as practicable using his ninja forex trading techniques.

"The objective is to educate the masses on financial literacy and to develop a skill that will pay them for the rest of their lives. I want people to come in and live the life they truly want to live without any restrictions financially. The concept of my business is built off of high energy and unity, I tell my people that join the business: If your energy is high, your bank account is high and if your energy is low, your bank account is low. You must keep your energy high by any means," says Darnell.

For Darnell, satisfaction is achieved in having an impression on others' lives every day through his solutions. To date, he has helped 1000+ people use Forex to be financially competitive in the Foreign Exchange sector and enable them to experience steady flows of Almighty Dollars to pay for their regular luxuries.

"I currently mentor over 1000+ people in helping them become very profitable inside of the Foreign Exchange market and using Forex as that vehicle to get them to the life they desire to live 10 times faster. So far in this journey, I have created over 5 6-figure earners and 1 7-figure earner. I always told my mom, I knew I could become rich and wealthy without working a job and this opportunity is what I've been waiting for all my life."

He further stated:

“My purpose is to unlock limited mindsets to allow them to think they can achieve anything they want in life. Understand, I'm not solely focused on the competition, I am more solely focused on the person that joins the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. I will bring the energy, I will shift your mindset from being money-driven to become more goal-driven. When you have goals, you actually have a purpose to accomplish the things you want to accomplish.”

He has great plans for a better future of Afro-Americans. He is trying his best to pull out all the stops that are refraining Black Americans to have the midas touch and giving it all he has got to iron out the wrinkles of impoverishment.

"I want to build a legacy, something that's going to be remembered for a very long long time. I want to recreate the "Black Wall Street," says the entrepreneur.

Darnell Marquise Bush's tale is an apt demonstration that symbolizes belief in God, optimism, bravery, and perseverance are more important than inherited riches. Despite his socioeconomic position and history, he made it through tough times as an entrepreneur by applying the fundamentals of success in the industry.

He's a strong testament to the fact that while certain individuals are inherently entrepreneurial, entrepreneurship is available to anybody who is able to work hard for it. He has shown that the key ingredients of good entrepreneurs are universal, whether people of African origin or any other ethnicity.