Digital Marketing is a continually evolving landscape. With the rapid pace of change within the social media environment and brands trying to squeeze the maximum return on investment from their advertising dollars, Digital Marketing Agencies often find themselves in a balancing act. There’s the constant challenge of managing client expectations and staying up to date with the latest tools and strategies that will make the next campaign go viral. One agency that has broken through the enigma of helping brands stand out and thrive in an unprecedentedly saturated digital environment is Double X Media under the leadership of CEO Xerxes Frechiani. Founded in 2019, Double X Media provides digital marketing, social media advertising , and brand development strategies to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and personal brands. Past Clients include major companies such as Facebook, Ralph Lauren, and Colgate.

Though Double X Media is a relatively young company, much of its success is due to the network and experiences Frechiani has amassed from his previous media agency, Double X Entertainment. Started by Frechiani in 2013 after graduating from Florida International University, Double X Entertainment quickly landed renowned rapper Flo Rida as their first client. Frechiani continued to experiment and innovate his marketing strategies, ultimately working with clients such as Tyga and The Black Eyed Peas and generating millions of impressions per month across social media platforms. “Traditional Education will only get you so far,” says Frechiani, “you have to be a self-starter and learn from the world to think in ways your competitors don’t.”

The future looks bright for Frechiani and Double X Media. This year, Double X Media was awarded with the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only organization for top performing agencies. Frechiani has also announced his latest partnership with Forbes to launch a mastermind series featured on their new platform Forbes8. When asked about advice for getting ahead as an entrepreneur, Frechiani says, “Plan ahead, whether it’s one hour or one year into the future. Know the challenges that are waiting for you, have a concise, well-articulated plan A, and be ready to adapt with a good plan B if anything goes wrong.”